Caloosahatchee Ultra

The Caloosahatchee Ultra 50k and Keith Carlton Memorial 25k was run on an exciting 10.5 mile loop counterclockwise on varying terrain with beautiful views, rolling hills and some tough technical stretches in Caloosahatchee Regional Park. The course ran the perimeter of the North side along Green, Black and Blue trails.

Course Description

The race started in Parking Lot #3 and headed East along Sunburn Meadow, Light Bulb, and Wrots O Ruts to the Tree of Life-AS#1. Course left AS#1 and headed out Three Bridges and South Lollipop Lane into Far East-Mini A/S. Runners then traversed along Far East counterclockwise and returned to Mini A/S. After leaving Mini A/S, participants headed along North Lollipop Lane and Tractor Lane returning to Tree of Life A/S#1. Lastly, runners left Tree of Life A/S#1 headed North along Calcutta Ridge returning to S/F Parking Lot #3.

25K: Runners completed the first lap the same as the 50k runners. On the 2nd Lap, runners ran a half lap along Sunburn Meadow and Wrots O Ruts to Tree of Life A/S#1 and then returned to Finish along Calcutta Ridge.